Trinity teleporter menu fix

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Trinity teleporter menu fix

Post by Rochet2 on Mon Jun 06, 2011 3:45 am

Changed Portal master (teleporter) to use SmartAI on Trinity.
This fixes the buggy menus on newer revisions (they messed the gossip script system).
The teleport option creator is currently disabled.

This is not needed for mangos as gossip scripts work great on mangos.

This fix is also needed for the Jukebox, but I will do it later.

You can download the new portal master and jukebox as usual.
To delete the old gossip scripts for portal master, run this:

SET @Gscript := 50000; -- The gossip script ID
DELETE FROM gossip_scripts WHERE id>@Gscript-1 AND id<@Gscript+135;

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