Portal Master, HELP Please :'(

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Portal Master, HELP Please :'(

Post by Dronabinol on Sun Oct 23, 2011 2:03 pm

Ok, so I downloaded the SQL and executed it to the world database and saved the Gossip lua file to my scripts folder I am on ArcEmu and I logged in, went to Stormwind and I see the purple circle but there is no NPC or Game Object but I selected the boxes to download them. I can't teleport anywhere please help as soon as you can. I'm not very skilled at this.
Thanks in advance, Drona


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Re: Portal Master, HELP Please :'(

Post by Rochet2 on Mon Oct 24, 2011 3:02 am

Thanks for posting. While trying to reply, I realized that I had managed to hide the reply boxes in CSS..

But anyways:
The teleport creator does NOT anymore create the NPC.
You need to create your own NPC and then "hook" it to the gossip system.

This means that you can to have the NPC ready (or the NPC entry you are going to use) when downloading the portal master.
You can also do the hooking later in the custom_gossip database's units table.
The basic idea in the gossip system table is the same as trinity and mangos gossip tables, but here is how the units table works:

INSERT INTO `units` (`entry`, `type`, `menu_id`, `check_combat`) VALUES
(190001, 0, 2, 1);

Entry is the Unit's entry (unit being NPC, gameobject or item)
Type is the type of the unit (0 = NPC, 1 = gameobject, 2 = item)
Menu_id is the menu_id of the menu from gossip_menu_option table that you want to show when a player clicks the NPC. So it is the menu_id you inserted to the download form at "menu_id".
Check_combat is a bool value. 1 = check combat, so the player can not teleport when he is in combat and if set to 0, then combat is ignored.

In the above SQL:
Entry =
Unit is an NPC
menu_id shown is 2
and the player will recieve an error message if trying to use the NPC while in comabat.

Since you already seemed to have selected an entry in the download form, just create an NPC for that entry and you are done.

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